Module 2 – China

Module 2

Qingcheng Mountain – China

The module in China provides a rare opportunity to experience the birthplace and home of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and will root your understanding in Zhineng Qigong’s origins.

You will meet Master Liu as well as other inspirational Zhineng Qigong masters, while insights into Traditional Chinese Medicine, the meridian system, a broad foundation in Zhineng Qigong science and deep practice will support you in your progress.

This module will take place in the Qingcheng Mountains (Chengdu), China.

Honored as World Cultural Heritage, Mount Qingcheng is one of the famous cradles of Taoism and holy land in China. It is named for the location in green and quiet forest throughout the year, which also wins its reputation of Mount Qingcheng being the most secluded Land in the World.

Mount Qingcheng is one of the four famous Taoist mountains in China. Together with Dujiangyan Irrigation System, it’s listed as World Heritage Site in 2000. Mount Qingcheng has enjoyed a reputation of Serenest Mountain under Heave since ancient time. The whole mountain is covered with evergreen forest all year round, and thus it gets this name “Qingcheng” mountain, which literally translated as “mountain of green”.

Mount Qingcheng is also a famous Taoist mountain for it’s one of the cradles of Chinese Taoism. The founder of Taoism – Zhao Daoling thought the tranquil and serene natural scenery of Mount Qingcheng was suitable for the development and prosperity of Taoism, thus, Mount Qingcheng had been listed as the “fifth Taoist fairyland” in China. Over a dozen of Taoist temples were built according to the topographical features of the mountain with the Tianshi Celestial Cave as their center. Mount Qingcheng has a great historical and artistic value in researching the Taosim philosophy of China.

This is the right environment for a magical completion of Module 2 of the Hunyuan Qi Therapy journey!

Skills And Theory Training

✸ Use of the Consciousness – going deeper

✸ The New Point of Life (Theory and training)

✸ Break Down the habits and perspective of frames

✸ The Structure of Human Body

✸ The meridian channels of the Human Body

✸ Basic information about the Five Elements

✸ The secrets of Qi Healing

✸ The Nervous System

✸ Distinctions of the Immune System: Physical, Medical, Body Qi field, Emotional and Consciousness

✸ How to improve the immune system

✸ Causes, processes and locations of diseases (Part 2)

✸ The three level of Substances philosophy

✸ Skills of Hunyuan Qi Therapy

✸ Hunyuan Qi Therapy Method training

✸ Neck exercise training

✸ Core Improvement training

✸ Parts of Zhineng Qigong Level 2 Body & Mind training

✸ Distance Healing – Skills and practice

✸ Holding the Body Qi Field Training – Going deeper

✸ Second level of Hold Qi Up, Pour Qi Down Training

Program Dates 2021-2023

Module 2

June 11 to June 24, 2022 (Arrival June 10)

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