This program manages to encapsulate my intentions and dreams which I came into this program with to fulfill, to find my destiny as a healer, as a helper in the world and also to gain skills to deepen my ability to help heal myself and heal others.


My aim in life is to really open up to life and whatever life offers to us, I am there to help. Myself, my loved ones, my friends and all the people who are in need.


Since our first Hunyuan Qi workshop module, I have increased my daily personal training and the results are great: my relationship with my boyfriend is better, my teaching has improved and I have attracted more clients. When negative thoughts come up, I try to transform them, but they also don’t seem to arise as much. If I choose not to transform them, it’s interesting to observe what kind of impact this has on my body. While my health is improving tremendously, I continue to implement the skills and theories I have learned to heal and recover completely. In general I am more open, loving, vital and peaceful, with a deeper acceptance of myself and my life than before the programme started. I’m also happy to feel there is a nice group of people around me that I can contact for support.


Qi is bringing me a lot of happiness. I fell in love the first time I felt the Qi flow in my body. It was love at first sight. I always knew this would be part of the rest of my life. And bringing it together with the body and mind and getting a conceptual framework to start working with it in a structured way and going deeper step by step has been very helpful. Thank you.


Zhineng Qigong honestly and truthfully has just been the combination of all of this and has brought together a real truth for me in terms of true healing and deeper wisdom and bringing out love, peace and joy within ourselves and within everyone. It’s just such a pure practice, I’ve learned so many tools here to bring home.


The last years I learned a lot about natural healing therapy. But this program has supported me to go much deeper. With Hunyuan Qi Therapy you can help another person much more effective compared to e.g. what a Massage or Physio Therapist can do. I did not believe how powerful Qi in reality is. I already studied Qigong for over 15 years, but the teachers only focused on movements and a bit of Qi training. In the Hunyuan Qi Therapy program, we really learned about the principles of Qi Therapy and how we can apply this knowledge. We learned how easy it is to transform information and Qi and to use it in a fast and effective way. The way I do natural healing treatments for my clients has completely changed. I am much more successful and need less time!

Anne Marie

The first module of our Hunyuan Qi Therapy programme was a turning point for me. The theories, the teachings and the practical guidance of Master Yuantong Liu took me to a new level. Now, I am very grounded. I feel like a new person: alert, and with sunshine in my heart. Since I am back home, I have attrracted many new clients and I am happy to support them in their progress.


It has helped me to leave behind whatever is not needed so that I can lead a good life and once I heal myself I can share this experience with whoever comes into my path.

South Africa

With your conscious awareness, as it increases, you become better and better in living a life where you understand the power of intention and that changes everything.

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