The Theory of Hunyuan Qi Therapy

The Theory of Hunyuan Qi Therapy

Zhineng Qigong is a life practice that inexorably leads to improved health, an experience of inner peace, balance, joy and the flowering of inherent wisdom.

Zhineng Qigong practice requires a solid theoretical understanding of the three aspects of reality that inhere in all substances and explain the natural principles of the universe.

Original Hunyuan Qi fills the entire universe and is formed by the unification of physical matter, Qi and information, effectively becoming an evolutionary force. Everything has its own Hunyuan Qi – with some qualitative differentiation between types. In Zhineng Qigong we practise with the human Hunyuan Qi and the primal Hunyuan Qi of nature. The accumulation of Qi nourishes the body and helps cultivate the mind. Zhineng Qigong therefore emphasises the exercise of internal Hunyuan Qi as well as the absorption of external primal Hunyuan Qi, which can be converted into internal Qi through special practices combined with the power of intention.

When internal Hunyuan Qi is sufficient, the vital functions of the human body are strengthened and physical diseases abate. An abundance of internal Hunyuan Qi is effective in curing illness, improving physical and mental health, and even developing paranormal intelligence. Zhineng Qigong does not treat only the symptoms of disease, but addresses maladies at their root. Its approach is therefore both holistic and scientifically proven.

In the mid 80s Dr. Pang Ming pioneered the so-called “Qi field technique ” and started to teach it. The “Qi field theory” is based on the understanding of a vast field of universal energy and information where we can learn to “tune in to” and direct this energy and information into our body, mind and soul.

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