Unique in the World

Unique in the World

The Hunyuan Qi Therapy training will be held on three continents over a period of two years.

The diverse and comprehensive system of Self-Health-Care-Management Tools, theories and practices is recognized in China as the most advanced system of holistic health and wellbeing. While its methods were a well-kept secret for many years, it is now being taught around the world by Master Yuantong Liu.

Master Liu specifically designed the Hunyuan Qi Therapist Training for students interested in this system dedicated to the principles of evolution, regeneration and holistic health transformation.


There are 2 ways of participating in the program

You can complete this two-years journey either by:

Option 1: Participating in all modules, online sessions and following through with the homework and reading material. At the end of the two years, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Option 2: If you plan to apply Hunyuan Qi Therapy in a more professional capacity and context, you may want to apply for the international accreditation process. In this case, we will assess your skill level and knowledge. You will receive a Certificate of Achievement to become a Certified Hunyuan Qi Therapist.

Our life Intention is like a teacher, who supports us to live our life in an upright way. It helps us to transform darkness into light, living and enjoying the bright side of our life.


– Master Yuantong Liu

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